Buying a house can be stressful and complicated, especially if you don’t have a friend or family who already has. Even if you have bought a house before, or have a friend or family who has, how do you know you are getting sound advice on the biggest purchase of your life? That’s why I’m in real estate, as a “Benefit corporation.” It’s not about the money – it’s about helping real people break through the confusion and focus on what matters. The result? Happy homeowners, time and time again.”

Daniel is the best broker we could have asked for. Without him, we are not living in our current home. Daniel has a unique combination of intellect, people skills, and market knowledge that make him extremely effective at finding a home, putting in the right offer, and closing on a house.

byNate and Jessica Lawler

We are really happy and thankful to Daniel for helping us buy a house! It was the first time we were buying a house and Daniel answered all extra questions, helped make the process less stressful, and did his job 100%.


Daniel took the time to explain the process, pitfalls, and various strategies for acquiring a home. He was very fast to respond and helped us to buy a beautiful mountain home. Thank you Daniel!

byJared Ramsburg

Daniel is truly a special person! He did an excellent job and we can’t rate anything but the best!
He is motivated, responsive, positive, and knowledgeable. He always shared his professional opinion while still factoring in our thoughts and concerns, as first time buyers. He has a strong ability in assessing a property’s condition and also shares a lot of tips and market insights. This is a rare skillset combination to find in a realtor and makes a huge difference.
Daniel puts his clients’ needs first and he is willing to go the extra mile for them! We always felt that he was by our side throughout the whole process. He is very knowledgeable about the area, setting the right expectations and explaining various options for submitting a competitive offer.

byDimitris Ellinas

As first time home-buyers, my husband and I needed a realtor who could come alongside us and literally walk us through the process step by step. We felt lost when it came to looking at disclosure packets, deciding whether or not it made sense to put an offer on a place, and what a reasonable offer should look in the Bay Area’s extremely competitive market. When we started working with Daniel, we immediately felt confident that we were in the most capable of hands. He spent hours talking with us, advising us, and ultimately helping us buy our first home – a place that we wouldn’t have been able to get without his quick thinking, his ability to connect on a personal level with the sellers and their agent, and his great communication.

byBrenley Meyer

Daniel was incredible and helped us find the home of our dreams. He was the perfect partner in the process, advising us on all the important decisions and helping us negotiate.


Home buying can be a daunting experience, especially in the Bay Area. I engaged Daniel in my first ever home purchase and couldn’t have had a better ally. He provided a great deal of help during the negotiation process, not to mention he and his team were extraordinarily responsive all the way until close. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Daniel. Thanks again!


Daniel is a real estate ninja, but he’s not just a top realtor. He’s an excellent communicator, organized thinker, all-around helpful guy who took one of life’s most complex processes and turned it into a step-by-step program that can turn anyone into an expert – and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

byNew Client

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