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Get all 200+ steps of the home buying process (the typical realtor only advises on 8).

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Buying A Home Without A Realtor – Home Buyer’s Best Friend

You’ve Got a Friend in the Business!

Having worked in the FBI’s director‘s office I have trained with the crisis negotiation team and have run global projects as a social impact leader at Google, I am Daniel Harbuck the real estate agent you actually need! I combine my experiences to help you confidently buy the right home at a great price through this step-by-step home-buying course. You would literally be buying a house from a friend without the realtor

Breeze Through the Biggest Buy of Your Life!

You have a pal to help you buy the house of your dreams. By following the “every step of the way’’ methodology, you get rewarded for your preparation with more confidence and a big fat commission refund. Purchasing a home can be an extremely daunting, challenging, complicated, and stressful process especially when you lack the correct resources, contacts, or people around you who have some sort of experience.

I’m here as “a benefit corporation” to help you since there is no other way for you to ensure that you made the biggest investment of your life—a home—by listening to good counsel. Helping actual people cut through the chaos and concentrate on what really matters is more important than just making money.

The course offers a unique set of intellect, skills, and market knowledge that enables you to be extremely effective at finding a home, putting in the right offer, and closing on a house. You will honestly feel as if you are buying a house from a friend without a realtor.

Mistakes in the Process Can Cost Thousands of Dollars!

Through the course, we guide you and answer all your extra questions and make the process a little less stressful! We take time to make you understand the pitfalls, processes, and numerous strategies for acquiring a home. We are motivated, responsive, and knowledgeable and possess great ability in assessing a property ‘s condition and give you a plethora of tips and market insights. 

Get Hundreds of Helpful Home-buying Hacks Now!

We put our client’s needs first and we are willing to go an extra mile for you to help you find the home of your dreams. We have a knack for cracking the best deals for you as we connect with the sellers and their agents on a personal level. 

An Honest Inside Look Into the Process.

The course is a step-by-step program that can turn anyone into an expert and save you thousands of dollars in the process. It provides you with a great deal of help during the negotiation procedure. With us, you will immediately feel that you are in safe hands! Remember there are 167 steps in the whole buying process, but the average realtor only advises on 8!

What Does the Complete Buyer’s Course Include?

Our home buyer’s course includes a long list of cost-saving techniques that you going to save you a lot of dollars. It is a complete step-by-step home buying guide so that you don’t end up overpaying or lose your mind or even get taken advantage of.

The time-saving Toolkit is also provided to aid support and help you to make informed decisions at the pace of even the most competitive housing markets. The course also includes 40 easy-to-understand videos in 10 minutes segments so you can learn on the go easily whenever and wherever you want. Expert Home Valuation assessments and world-class negotiations so that you do not overpay. The course is also a comprehensive evaluation and offers professional answers to your questions at every step of the process.

The course simplifies the whole process for you, answers all your queries ensures your mental peace, negating the hassle of buying your dream home!

We Are Honestly a Homebuyer’s Best Friend!

Why trust the most important investment of your life to someone who shares only 5% of what you need? Do not try to ride a bike without wheels, pedals, or even brakes it could be fatal or potentially dangerous. The cost-saving techniques will prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket! We are the top-rated real estate agent in the Bay area with deep local expertise and experience. Buying a house from a friend without a realtor?

We make sure that you have an ecstatic experience as you look out for your dream home!

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