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Get all 200+ steps of the home buying process (the typical realtor only advises on 8).

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Say Goodbye to House Hunting Hassles and Hello to Your Dream Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your Questions About Our Course and Partnership Program Answered Here:

Some may just not know all of this: I have trained other realtors on these steps, too – this isn’t the kind of stuff you learn even by studying and passing a state exam to become a realtor.  In other cases, possibly also because, in order for someone to remain the expert you need to rely on, that expert may not want to give all of their trade secrets away.

I believe in the power of information, and I don’t like to see people get taken advantage of. I get a thrill every time I help someone beat the system when they buy a house they love for a great price.

They have all learned how to buy a house from me. You could be a super smart person in almost any area of life *and* still feel like you don’t know anything about the home buying process. In fact, that’s how almost everyone feels. This course will get rid of that feeling faster than the Ghostbusters could rid an apartment of paranormal activity.

You can learn at your own pace. After helping thousands of people on their home buying journeys, I have broken down the process into ~10-minute lessons, plus quick, actionable pro-tips. Long enough to be comprehensively helpful, short enough to be doable with a busy schedule.

Besides, you can listen while you are doing those other things anyway, so it can kind of be like it takes no time at all if you do it right.

I’ve compiled this course after decades of studying, training and practical experience helping thousands of people through their own home buying journeys. I created this course because I have never seen all of this information documented, let alone documented in an easy-to-understand format. That’s why I put this all together in the first place – to help you beat the system.

Yes! The course content is yours – I won’t take it away from you after a certain amount of time or anything. You could even use the knowledge and materials for the next time you buy a house, too (I haven’t met anyone who did not want a refresher before buying a house again).

That totally depends on the application? Stuffed shells?  Ricotta? Juevos rancheros?  Gotta go jalapeno.

Of course! I want you to keep the communication open so you can beat the home buying process, and survive the stresses, together.

The Ultimate First-Time
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